Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Feeling Feminine Challenge day 1"

hey everyone i got this challenge off of the elven princess's blog and i am so excited the thing about it is that its only for girls because that would be weired if it was for boys but back to what i was saying it is were you were skirts as long as you can and i should really say that it has been 3 days because i have been wearing skirts for 3 days but.....i will just say that it is day one.... and i will post photos when i can... well today i am wearing a black denim skirt with a purple/blue shirt with buttons from apostle, and for my hair i have a messy bun with some twisted hair. for my shoes i have black flats and i know i am wearing allot of black but i can assure you that i am not goth...and that's about it bye and if you would like to do this just tell me and go ahead and do it ...