Friday, March 26, 2010

hi everyone i just wanted to tell u what i did yesterday and what i am going to do i go... well yesterday i got up at 7:00 i think and then got ready ssslllooowwwlllyyy (slowly) i was tired and then we me and my mom went to an antique mall together (i didn't find much) and then behind the antique mall was some adorable shops and i got a necklace charm and that's all i got there and then me and my mom went to a SONIC to eat it was my first time eating there because were i live there isn't one around here... oh and my sister and my dad went on a father daughter retreat so that's why i went to the antique mall. and today i get to sleep over at my friends house... YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY... well that's all the time i have bye

-Abby <3 oh and here is a award i got from Bleah and it is for everyone i just love it <3 bye

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