Monday, July 19, 2010

hi everyone i have decided that i am going to do the feminine girl challenge well i think that's what it is called but i did it before and i want to do it again but what i am going to do is i am going to see how long i can were skirts and yesterday i wore a skirt but i am going to start today well today i am wearing a dress i got at a thrift store it is so cute and i love it. for my hair i put some of my hair back with a clip and then put it all back in a pony tail . for my feet i just left them bare because we are going to stay home all day cleaning because we were on vacation the past week we went to Kentucky and Tennessee it was fun .. thanks for reading bye

Abby <3


  1. Nice outfit! I'm hosting a giveaway/photo contest over at my blog and was wondering if you wanted to join. Here's the URL: