Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks Cori!

Hey every one i hope all of you r having a good day so far, i just wanted to tell you about my new award i got from my sister Cori. well here it is .....

For the people i have chosen for this award here is what u have to do: You have to tell every one 7 things about you... So here is 7 things about me....

1.19 kids and counting is my favorite show

2.i want to be a vet when i grow up favorite book is Percy Jackson and the Olympians (The lightning Thief)

4.i LOVE Cheetos (crunchy) favorite POP is Coca-Cola

6.i have a cat that can open doors.LOL

7.My favorite Animal is a tiger

And the people i have chosen are:


Maggie S.

Miss Zara

Thanks Again Cori.
-Abby <3